Your First Visit

Your First Visit

When you schedule your first appointment you will be asked for your home address, phone numbers and email address. You will also be asked for your insurance information and  who referred you to our office.   You will be asked to complete all your paperwork on line and supply your credit card information in order to minimize time and contact when you check out as part of out Covid protocols.

When you arrive for your appointment please call from your car and we will let you know when we are ready to see you. This is done to minimize contact between patients. You must wear a mask and limit items you are bringing in. DO NOT FORGET YOUR KEYS!

When you enter we will take your temperature and given the choice of using hand sanitizer or washing your hands. You will be escorted to the treatment room and must continue to wear your mask until you are told you can remove it.

If your first visit is for an emergency you will be seated by one of our assistants and the problem will be evaluated prior to seeing the Doctor. An X-Ray may be needed to be taken at this time. When the assistant has all the necessary information the Doctor will see you to address the problem you are experiencing.

All new patients not in for an emergency and existing patients of record that have not been in within the last 3 or more years receive a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation includes needed X-Rays, a complete charting of the exisitng dental condition, an oral cancer exam, a periodontal (gum) screening, blood pressure screening and a thorough review of any existing health problems and medications that are being taken. The Doctor will review his findings with you and discuss treatment alternatives if needed.

Since it is not possible to know the condition of a new patient's mouth before seeing them we do not schedule a cleaning visit at the same time as the evaluation. We schedule the cleaning and home care instruction visit based on the amount of time that will be needed by our hygienist to do a full and thorough cleaning. Sometimes if there is a more involved periodontal (gum) condition we may have to refer the individual to a specialist in which case a cleaning would not be done in this office.

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